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Gone fishing after shoulder replacement

The best part of my work is seeing that shoulder surgery can truly improve someone's quality of life. Although many patients express gratitude in person when I see them in the office, I wanted to share a letter I recently received that made my day. I really appreciate that my patient took the time to write, and I hope it helps others who are apprehensive about the thought of shoulder replacement.

"Dear Dr. Burns,

Reverse Shoulder Replacement: video

Many of my patients are interested in seeing the surgery. Click the link to view a brief video of a reverse shoulder replacement.

The difference between anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement

Lots of patients are a little confused about the 2 main types of shoulder replacements, anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement. Check out this video to learn more.

Experience Matters

Many people wonder how much experience matters when selecting a surgeon. Almost every advice column (including this one, 10 questions to ask your surgeon) puts surgeon experience near the top of the list. It is difficult to judge how much experience is adequate for a particular procedure. However, when it comes to shoulder replacement, there have been a few studies that try to measure how much experience is enough when evaluating a surgeon.

What Activities Are Allowed After Shoulder Replacement?

Many people are anxious to have shoulder replacement because they would like to relieve their pain. Pain relief is the primary indication- or reason- to have a shoulder replacement. However, people are also hoping that shoulder replacement may allow them to return to activities that they enjoy. That leads many patients to ask me about what kinds of activities will be allowed after shoulder replacement, and when they will be able to return to sports or activities.

Blood Clot and Shoulder Replacement: Should I Be Worried?

Blood Clot and Shoulder Replacement