What to do if you are waiting for your orthopedic surgery: COVID-19 Update

St. Louis city and county plan to end the quarantine on May 18, 2020. SSM is working diligently to safely resume elective surgeries, although a definitive timeline has not yet been announced. In many of our SSM communities, we are resuming some elective surgeries and procedures, with an initial focus on patients who have delayed non-urgent but essential treatments. You can find the SSM update here.

Many people have had to cancel or wait to reschedule their orthopedic surgery.  It can be difficult to make the decision to have surgery, and now in this time of uncertainty it can be frustrating to wait. There are things you can do to feel better while you are waiting and to prepare for your surgery.


  • Changing your activities to avoid causing pain
  • Use ice or heat
  • Try over the counter medications including Tylenol
  • Perform gentle stretching exercises to preserve range of motion

Remember that if you are considering postponing your surgery for at least 3 months, you may have the option of a steroid injection in the painful joint. You can schedule an appointment by calling Dr. Burns’ office at 314-291-7900.

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